2015.09.13 12:40 Personal Log

Swallow your tears ol’ boy…

Nobody gives a rat’s ass about your problems. And the few that do, can’t do anything to help you.

2015.07.21 10:31 Personal Log

I often think about where I’m going in life; specifically, relationships. Some that know me know that one of my main drives in life is to honor my parents by giving them a grandchild.

I do have a girl in mind that I think would fit this bill and what I would eventually want in life; a wife. She is, however, a bit hasty to meet this goal and already has an adorable daughter. I know that in going this route at the moment it would be difficult. Dates would not be as frequent or spontaneous as I would imagine sure to needing to find a sitter. And since both of our life goals are essentially the same, I imagine the middle part between dating and marriage would be expedited. Thus, missing out on the fun parts of being in a relationship; I.e. camping, traveling, etc.

My parents; or at least my mother, has been bugging me about grandkids since I was a freshman in high school. And they aren’t getting any younger as well.

So the question is do I go for the goal now or do I full try to experience life until her situation is a bit less complicated.

2015.02.13 22:30 Personal Log

My the world has changed.

The internet used to be a place where one could freely express themselves without fear. Now the only place you can freely voice your opinion or thoughts is in person these days. I’m assuming it’s because people lack the the conviction to stand by their words and understand other perspectives.

2015.02.12 0:24 Personal Log

I like my women to be equal parts intelligent and eccentric. But I also like my women to be highly intelligent. Which is normally around where eccentric turns into bat shit crazy.

2015.01.31 0:05 Personal Log

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve first started wearing the charm. It feels different this time. Where there was a numbing feeling there is now a sense if clarity. It’s like it’s given me the ability to see through or disregard emotion.

Although, back then I was also far more isolated than I am now. I actually have to deal with humans on an almost daily basis. Sometimes I feel the purge if emotion and a sort of vision appears. I wonder if this is what Seven Of Nine experienced when she adapting to life aboard Voyager.

2015.01.06 7:08 Personal Log

I know this feeling. I’ve dwelled in it for years. But, that was many years ago. It was before the subtle distractions of society came to me. I’ve partook in what I could and remembered why I was here before. With a poker face and hollow gaze, the shadows return to me and I to it.

A woman’s touch – TOBY KEITH (lyrics): http://youtu.be/LoHYAJMu3kM

2013.07.02 9:51 Personal Log

… is time to share myself with the world.

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2013.05.31 1:51 Personal Log

The infamously unseen scandal as to how to get into practically any event for free… Buy a big ass camera… take take a couple of photos. Give the photos to the producer. The better at photography you get and the longer you do it the more likely you’ll get into all the parties.

You can’t social engineer a social engineer. I see through your games all you nightlife photographers… touché… but your little ploy is insignificant compared to my grand scheme of the dark side. muwahahahahahahahahahahaha **cough****cough****cough**

2013.03.11 23:39 Personal Log

Sitting in kaiser waiting to see the doctor about my foot… Figured I’d see if this thing was still working on my phone or not…

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