The journey or the goal

I often think about where I’m going in life; specifically, relationships. Some that know me know that one of my main drives in life is to honor my parents by giving them a grandchild.

I do have a girl in mind that I think would fit this bill and what I would eventually want in life; a wife. She is, however, a bit hasty to meet this goal and already has an adorable daughter. I know that in going this route at the moment it would be difficult. Dates would not be as frequent or spontaneous as I would imagine sure to needing to find a sitter. And since both of our life goals are essentially the same, I imagine the middle part between dating and marriage would be expedited. Thus, missing out on the fun parts of being in a relationship; I.e. camping, traveling, etc.

My parents; or at least my mother, has been bugging me about grandkids since I was a freshman in high school. And they aren’t getting any younger as well.

So the question is do I go for the goal now or do I full try to experience life until her situation is a bit less complicated.